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Welcome to M & K Food Shop! We are a grab and go food shop that offers healthy, freshly made foods that are ready to heat or eat! We make everything in house and package it to go fully biodegradable boxes that are Oven & microwave safe! We make some gluten free, dairy free, whole 30, keto & mediterranean diet friendly meals for everyone to enjoy! 

we are perfect for those on the go, single parents, post surgery patients, the elderly & people who just don't want to cook! Our menu changes weekly (check out this weeks menu below for new and exciting foods for you to try! 

Do you need a businees lunch or party catered? Give us a call! We offer pick up or delivery.

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful and safe st. Patrick’s Day weekend! We did nothing and it was glorious! We have to store up energy so we can start opening Mondays on April 2nd
There is some unfortunate weather heading our way tomorrow night and into Wednesday. We have some wonderful cold/rainy/snowy weather foods for the week! Come on, who doesn’t want meatloaf, tikka Masala, shrimp in white clam sauce or anything else off the menu during this kind of weather?!
We are going to go ahead and say we will be opening at 12pm on Wednesday just as a cautionary measure. So, stop in, buy your favorites and sit back and enjoy the weather! 
We will start opening on Mondays on April 2nd. We are still trying to figure out Fridays hours. We will be open Monday-Thursday from 11-7 and Possibly 11-5 on Fridays. 
Also, we had quite the positive response when we used the aluminum containers a couple of weeks back. We know that our food reheats better in those containers but they are not microwave safe. Would anyone be opposed to us using a different container that is both oven safe and microwave safe but will be like the aluminum containers? We know we don’t want to use anything that can’t go into a microwave. Let me know your thoughts. 
Here is the menu and I hope to see you all soon! Have a wonderful week! 
Don’t forget to pre-order to guarantee you get what you want! Myles is delivering tomorrow after 2pm to south roanoke and south roanoke county. I will be at the doctors office most of the day so please try to get orders in as soon as you can. 
Spring is coming, eventually, and we don’t want you all to forget that we offer pick up or drop off catering for small events or business lunches. Give me a call and let’s see what we can do for you!

Week 3/20/18
-Myles’ meatloaf with. Yukon rutabaga mash. & Turkish green beans $9.75
-Pork tenderloin Marsala with broccoli & tourne potatoes (GF, DF,  W30). $9..50
-Dijon chicken thighs wrapped in bacon over Grilled asparagus (GF, DF,  W30, K) $9.50
-South Carolina BBQ Pork bowl over smoked pinto beans and mixed greens (GF, DF) $9.25
-Chicken tikka Masala over rice (GF, DF) $9.25
-Shrimp with white clam sauce over linguine $9.50
-Cod with a lime compound butter over creamed corn & chorizo sausage (GF, DF, K) $9.50
-Grass fed beef stuffed peppers (GF, DF, W30, K) $7.25
-Roasted vegetables over fresh herb & EVOO gluten free pasta (GF, V) $8.75
-Squash & zucchini pie (GF) $5.99
-Broccoli or bacon & cheese twice baked potato (GF) $5.99
-Moroccan lentil stew (GF, V) $9.99
-5 bean salad (GF, V) $8.99/lb
-Sesame ginger soba noodles (V) $8.99/lb
-Lemon Dill Chicken Salad (GF, DF) $9.99/lb
-Pimento cheese (GF) $9.99/lb
-vegan chocolate cake (v) $5.25
-Triple berry bunds cake $5.25
-Banana pudding $4.99/6.99
-Tres leches cake $5.25

Week 3/27/18
-Herb roasted chicken with spinach gratin (GF, K) $9.25
-Kale falafel Buddha bowl (GF, V) $9.25
-Blackened catfish over dirty rice (GF, DF) $9.25
-baked eggplant Parmesan (stacked like a lasagna, no noodles, GF) $7.50
-Portabella mushroom with Rockefeller sauce over zoodles (GF, K) $9.25
-Chicken Alfredo roll $6.25
-Walnut pesto stuffed chicken over lemon & tomato orzo pasta $9.25
-Shrimp arrabiatta over wilted leek polenta (GF, DF) $9.50
-Lemon chicken over tomato & fresh mozzarella quinoa (GF) $9.25
-Spring minestrone soup $9.99/quart
-Creamy ranch broccoli & cauliflower (Gf, DF, W30, K) $8.99/lb
-Lemon Dill Chicken Salad (GF, DF) $9.99/lb
-Pimento cheese (GF) $9.99/lb
-Raspberry angel food cake trifle $4.75
-Chocolate Keto chia seed pudding (GF, V, K)
-Orange buttermilk cake with orange cream frosting $5.25

Whew! Please let us know if you have any questions and we will see you all soon! Have a great winter weekend! 

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We are a grab-and-go food shop located in Grandin Village, Roanoke, VA. Our foods are made in house and packaged to go or dine in. We offer entrees, sandwiches, salads, soups, dinner sides, desserts,  and buy by weight foods. We offer delivery Tuesdays and Thursdays from our weekly menus. We are perfect for the family on the go. Please come and see what we have to offer!

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